Getting started with supybot-github

Supybot-github should contain a few sane defaults to get you started.


  1. Install Limnoria or any other supybot variant, and configure it to your liking.

  2. Go to one of supybot’s plugin folders and clone the plugin in a directory called Github:

    git clone Github

    It’s important to have the plugin stored in a directory called Github, so that supybot’s @load Github and @unload Github commands work properly.

  3. Ask supybot in IRC to load the plugin for you:

    /msg my_awesome_bot load Github
  4. Set the channel where Github’s notifications will be sent by default:

    /msg my_awesome_bot config ##alezakos
  5. Create a webhook for your repository in Github’s settings panel. Point it to port 8093 of supybot’s host machine:

This should be enough to get you started! If everything was set up correctly, your bot should drop an inspiring quote on the channel you configured in the 3rd step.